Reasons To Move To Los Angeles In 2023

Los Angeles is a beautiful, diverse city famous for its art and culture. Known for Hollywood and its star-studded history, it is also a fantastic place to call home. While moving to Los Angeles might sound a bit intimidating, it is a welcoming city and home to over 12 million different people, so you are sure to find your niche, whoever you are. Enjoy delicious cuisine, a promising job market, and beautiful scenery in this unique, iconic city. Are you considering moving to LA in 2023? Here are eight of the top reasons why you should move to LA this year to help get you excited!

The History

LA is full of rich history, first home to the Chumash and Tongva First Nations communities, then eventually, a farming community of a variety of settlers. Today it is a huge metropolitan area full of life and history. If you are a history lover, Los Angeles is sure to be the perfect place for you. Visit iconic places like Union Station, the Hollywood Sign, and El Pueblo de Los Angeles to learn all about the wonderful city you call home. You’ll be sure to garner a new appreciation for the places you’ve heard so much about! Plus, who doesn’t want to see those famous locations on TV in person?

The Culture

Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, adding to its rich culture and award-winning art scene. Los Angeles has been home to many different cultures and communities over the years, such as people from Spanish, First Nations, and African backgrounds. Today, art and history draw people from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds to mesh together in a melting pot of culture. Enjoy authentic cuisine anywhere in LA, and be sure to check out places like Thai Town, Little Armenia, and of course, the Little Tokyo Historic District. For architecture lovers, the fusion of different cultures is reflected in the diverse array of buildings and homes on the streets of LA.

Proximity To Hollywood

Everyone knows one of the huge draws to Los Angeles is, of course, the fact that Hollywood is there. If you’re a lover of TV or film, this can be a huge perk of moving to Los Angeles. Not only is the iconic Hollywood sign moments away, but you can also visit famous locations such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Universal Studios. Disneyland is also only a half hour away from LA, which is sure to please both kids and adults alike!

The Outdoors

If you are an outdoor lover, you don’t have to sacrifice that love for nature when living in a big city. In Los Angeles, you can truly have the best of both worlds. You have the beach, the winding coastal highways, forests, and more all close by when you are living in LA. Joshua Tree National Park is also not far and is a wonderful trip for all, whether you are a single adult or the whole entire family! In the city, you can even enjoy surfing at Venice Beach, or if looking at the water is more your thing, take a romantic Swan Boat Ride at Echo Lake Park. No matter what you like to do in nature, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is sure to offer a number of appealing options.

Job Opportunities

The Los Angeles area is a bustling metropolis, rich in the world of tech and art, among other things. LA is home to a variety of industries, with business, cooking, and entertainment, of course, at the forefront. These booming industries ensure a rich job market that, while competitive, is full of a variety of opportunities, no matter what your skill set might be. Work-from-home culture is also very popular in LA, meaning you can oftentimes enjoy job flexibility while expanding your potential housing options. Enjoy a prime location in a neighborhood of your choosing while saying goodbye to stressful commutes and extra car maintenance. It’s a win-win!

The Food

If you’re a foodie, say no more because the Los Angeles food scene has got you covered! Whether you’re craving authentic Chinese noodles or desperately need your late-night In-and-Out fix, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this city has got whatever food you are looking for, whenever you want it. Check out Instagram-worthy locations like Pink’s Hot Dogs for the perfect photo-op, or pursue the Old LA Farmers Market for artisan crafts and freshly-grown produce from nearby.

Mild Weather

Warm and mild year around, Los Angeles is the perfect place to move to if you are sick of cold weather and ready for a world with no more winters! For many people who enjoy outdoor recreational activities, such as biking or playing sports, winter can be a rather mundane or even depressing kind of year. Living in a more mild climate means more sun, warmer temperatures, and the ability to recreate outside all-year-around. Now your summertime hobbies can become all-year-round hobbies!

The Airport

The LAX airport can be a huge draw for people who are thinking about moving to the Los Angeles area. As the second largest airport in the United States of America, there are countless flights to just about anywhere available. This can be a great commuter-friendly perk if you’re someone who frequently travels due to work or personal business. Say goodbye to annoying charter flights and lengthy layovers and enjoy flying straight to your final destination right from the city you live in.


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