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Safely Stash Your Belongings With Storage Services In Los Angeles

As a full-service relocation company, Pacific Choice Moving Company is proud to offer storage services in Los Angeles.

The delicate and intricate process of handling property doesn’t just require the right techniques – it also requires the appropriate space.

In many situations, we’re moving our customers’ belongings into the back of a moving truck, then ultimately unpacking them into their new home or business. But in some cases, they may want us to load them into our professional Los Angeles storage units.

How Los Angeles Storage Services Can Benefit You

Storage space may represent a simple service, but the perks it offers are vast and diverse.

There are many different useful applications for storage services in Los Angeles, especially when you get them from a reputable company like ours. Having dedicated storage space can help you with these needs.

Protect Property During A Delayed Move

For those who are ready to move, it can be exciting to think about getting on the road and eventually getting all your belongings set up in your new home or business.

But what happens when your local in Los Angeles gets delayed? This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • The new location isn’t quite ready yet
  • Paperwork is still processing
  • You can’t get in touch with the building manager

When these unexpected delays happen, you’ll be happy you have safe storage units that you can use to protect your belongings in the interim. 

Declutter Before A Move

How many times do you look around your home or business and think “how long have I had that?”

It’s easy to lose track of all the items we accumulate. But when it comes time to move, we’re forced to take inventory of everything we have. This way you can decide what to keep or leave behind.

However, you can’t just leave these items. You may be charged a fee for their removal by the building’s owner, or you may want them for later. Placing items into temporary storage is a great solution so you can decide what to do with them later.

The best part? It makes moving easier, because it lightens your load. This is handy whether you’re making a local move in Los Angeles.

Prepare Items For A New Home

Some people declutter items when they’re moving, but others do it while staying put. Moving items to storage can function as the first step in a process when these items are heading to a new home, such as when you’re planning to:

  • Recycle them: Sending items to the recycling center sometimes requires you to schedule an appointment or sort them into categories. This is especially true for electronics. You may want to store them away in the meantime. 
  • Repair them: If an item is broken or malfunctioning, it’s simply taking up space while providing no function. If you’re waiting to have it fixed and don’t need it until then, consider packing it away in a storage unit while you wait.
  • Sell them: Another great way to clear out items you no longer need is to sell them. After you’ve posted them on your local marketplace, you can store them away until someone is ready to view them in person or buy them.
  • Donate them: If you don’t want to sell your unneeded items, consider donating them. This process can be quicker, limiting the time you’ll need your Los Angeles storage unit. It can also get you a tax deduction.

Whether the destination for your spare items is the recycling facility or the auction, temporary storage allows you to keep them organized and in good condition until the time comes to get rid of them.

Clear Out Items Temporarily

It should also be noted that just because you’re offloading items to storage doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them. There may be an event going on at your home or business that requires space, or it may create conditions that put your property at risk.

For example, if you’re cleaning and want to get behind those hidden corners, it helps to move your furniture into storage. Renovations are another example – since these conditions can create dust and debris, you’re better off getting your property into the safety of our storage space.

Moving Labor Services

If you need storage services in Los Angeles, choose Pacific Choice Moving Company.

We have the credentials and track record you can rely on. Whether your items are there for a few days or a few months, they’ll be safe with us. This is because:

  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We’ve been in the moving business for a decade
  • We’re highly reviewed on multiple platforms

We’re also a highly versatile organization. Keep in mind that in addition to offering storage services in Los Angeles, we’re also a full-service moving expert.

We can disassemble, pack, and transport your items safely to storage. When they’re ready to be moved back, we can get them moved, unpacked, and reassembled. We use the best moving supplies and techniques so your belongings are always handled with care.

When you need storage services from a trusted expert with a neighborly attitude, Pacific Choice Moving Company is here for you – contact us today.

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Pacific Choice Moving Company was great. I had to move out quickly, and Brad was very helpful getting my move set up on just a few days notice. Jose, Ricky, and Manuel got it done in about 4 hours flat, two hours less than expected.

- Derek S.

Extremely prompt, competent, and effective service! We’ve been using these movers for the past number of years, and they have consistently been the best. They are all professional, hardworking, and patient.

- Maureen M


Brad at Pacific Choice Moving Company is one of my speed dials. Our frequent shifts of furniture and equipment among our various office locations necessitate the fine service we have come to rely on quite frequently

- Yvonne J.

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